Who’s this article for?

This article is targeted at anyone who might be in the market to partner with a design, brand development, or digital marketing company. This is applicable for small, medium or even enterprise class businesses.

This is going to sound counter intuitive but paying less isn’t necessarily the answer. You really need to review the scope of the project and what is included in the costs. At Ignite Graphic Design we have a “one trip to the well” approach, but more times than not we hear from frustrated customers who have been inundated with hidden fees or a scope that didn’t include what they expected or needed to accomplish. Get a clear idea of what it is you are paying for and make sure that anyone you work with explains what the scope of the project is in a way that is easily understandable. If not then you really should look for help elsewhere.

Not all websites are created equal.

You may think “I can go onto wix or squarespace and create a website easily” while its true you could create a web presence with the tools provided through some out of the box tools the real question isn’t if you could do it, it’s what is your website going to do for your business. SEO is a industry that has a lot of mysticism behind it it all sounds very confusing to someone who doesn’t do this type of work for a living. It really is less mystical and more chemistry, a constantly changing chemistry that is covered in educational courses, books, new and emerging tools and the shift in the way search engines operate. While wix or squarespace may get you a presence on the web it comes up way short if your goal is driving business to your site so that you can get leads that turn into sales. SEO (along with other tools and methods that surround it) is really what drives your ranking on google. It’s a strategy game and if you don’t have the time or skill to understand the rules find a partner that does and can help you achieve those sales goals.

The exact opposite of an earlier point paying too much is another issue we see a lot.

Good web designers should be able to give you an idea of what is a good range for the work they do. Some designers target startups/small businesses vs others who focus on medium and enterprise class engagements. Any company you work with should go over with you a reasonable expectation of what you can get for your money. You shouldn’t be pressured or feel like you have to spend more than your business can afford. Work with your designer and have your project split up into phases with different goals of each phase that will keep both of you successful and on the right budget for your requirements.

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