There’s  a lot more to SEO than Keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to grow your brand organically . By ensuring that you have certain good practices in place your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings will see a positive trend with the goal of more of the right kinds of leads which in turn equate into more sales.

While there are a lot of nuances of SEO that help get you to the top, we will break things down in a overview concept that is easy to understand. At a high level there is two areas of focus for your websites SEO:

  1. On-Page Optimizations
  2. Off-Page Optimizations

What’s the difference?

A lot. Through on page optimization, you make changes to your website’s content and code to make it more compatible with Google’s search algorithm. This will allow web crawlers to better understand your site and rank it higher. This includes a lot of different aspects such as organization of content and even readability, keyword density and so on. There is a art to making sure pages are developed in a way that those robots can read it and interpret what they are reading and capturing.

The second area of focus is off page optimization. This is the area of focus were we make sure that we are building links and that server, image, and user experience performance is optimized to the highest degree possible. This includes everything from making sure that the hardware serving up your site and the datacenter is giving you significant performance. There are also tools such as CDN that allow your site to be cached all over the world to increase that performance experience.

So what are some bullet points as to what to look for in a optimized SEO strategy?

Let’s cover some basic concepts:


This is one of the first and basic steps you start with when doing SEO. There is a lot that goes into your keyword strategy. Not only do you need to define those keywords that you are looking to get potential visitors to your site, you need to do it better than your competitors.

Website Optimization:

This is a technical approach to SEO. Google has its own set of rules they use that basically decides where your website ranks in relation to order of importance. Website Optimization is the tuning of your website so that google doesn’t look negatively at your site or the user experience.

Backlinks and Link Building

When a outside page links to your website this is the definition of a backlink. These backlinks really dictate your influence factor as google looks to a higher number of links to your site as there must be important information on your site that is relevant to those looking for content.

This is a very basic idea of what to look for but if you have any questions and would like to do a deeper dive please give us a call!

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