How Long Does It Take?

There is an easy answer but not one that a lot of customers want to hear. So how long does it take to build the website that I want for my business? The short answer is….. It depends. I know that’s not the fun answer you are looking for but in the article we will go over what factors impact the timeline.

First things first.. Any designer you work with should be able to provide you an estimate on how long it will take them to complete the job based on the scope of work that you identify. In our experience not every designer is good at communicating how certain factors impact that timeline and at Ignite Graphic Design we feel that by communicating those factors we can do a better job at delivering in the timeline you require achieving the design goals that you need to get you to a completed project or even a phased approach due to a time crunch. The  biggest factor hands down is content. Any good web developer is going to let you know that copying content from anywhere is a big no no. You need original content that is unique to your site to give you the best chance to rank higher in search results. Developing all that content takes time so the more pages you require the more time needs to be added to the scope.

Another big major factor is images, not all business have a professional photographer to take the type of images needed for a great web design. This is something you will need to work out with the developer if stock images could be mixed in or if they can take those pictures and do that branding for you. Lastly another large factor in time we see is stakeholders. The more cooks in the kitchen the longer it takes to get concurrence. While design by committee sounds like a good plan really you need a point person who can make final decisions for your business.

We hope this helps and gives you a few points of discussion when working on your next project timeline.

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